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I'm a certified K-8th grade teacher that has over 30 years experience in education.  I am looking forward to bringing my knowledge and experience to meet the individual needs of each student.

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K-8 experience in all subject areas. Specializing in reading, writing and language. Working at all levels; letter recognition, sight words  phonics, fluency, comprehension, textbook skills and building a love for reading.

Comprehensive Literacy Instruction Specialist;  trained in the foundations of Literacy Acquisition, Knowledge of diverse readers including dyslexia, Assessments and Structured Literacy Instruction

Personalized Lessons


* Bringing your child up to grade level or providing opportunities to expand and grow at their academic level.

* Build excitment for learning.

* Group or individual options.

* Specialized instruction based on the needs of your student.

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During my many years in education, I have learned that establishing a positive rapport with students increases their learning. Having an opportunity to teach middle school science, history and language along with receiving my lower elementary Montessori certification in addition to being a certified K-8th grade teacher in Oregon.


Our daughter just finished honors math and English this year in middle school. She had straight A's in all her classes this year. We attribute much of the academic sucess to the help of Debbie Stratton her teacher for several years. 

Korbett Miller

Capturing the experience Mrs. Stratton had given my son in his year with her is nearly impossible. She helped him in more ways than simply enriching his basic knowledge. She also shaped him into the person he is today. Next to mother's and father's our teachers spend more time with our children than we do. She gave my son tools that he needed to face the future and build his soul. I know that many educator's and teacher's will pass through his life without rememberance ,yet a special few will leave a lasting impression and Mrs. Stratton did that. She will forever be in the hearts and minds of the students she taught. She truly cared about her role and she made sure that each student felt cared for and had a purpose. My son struggled at some concepts and she gave him the encouragment to keep pressing on and to not give up. She made it known that mistakes were a part of learning and you learn life's greatest lessons by making mistakes and my son still says that to me. She gave him strength and hope that he can learn and master subjects if he put his whole heart into it and kept trying. She knew when my son needed to be pushed and also when he needed extra love. She made learning fun, not just by going through the books but by making learning come alive in ways that younger kids could be excited about. If a student didn't understandshe would keep showing in different ways to make sure that students understood rather than moving on. I volunteered a lot in her class and every day she put everything she had into mking a positive experience for our children. Children are our future and teachers do so much more than teach; they encourage, guide, and inspire and I know my son will carry with him the important lessons she gave him that year. I am so grateful my son got her as a teacher because she gave him such a solid foundation for his education. Anyone who has her for a teacher, or tutor will come to find the true treasure she is. 

Sincerely, "Just a Mom" 


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